Photos of Current MSO band members
(See Alumni photos below)

Click on a photo to see larger version:

Click Here to see 2004 Picnic in the Park Photos!

Bob, Musical Director, Tenor Sax

Ross, MC & Vocalist

DJ, Drummer Extraordinaire

Tony, Drummer


John, Trumpet

Franklin, Trombone

Drew, Alto Sax

Fran, Vocalist

Mark, Bass

Richard, Trumpet

Dan, Baritone & Soprano Sax


Ken, Piano


Thirza, Roadie 

Julia, Trombone (Alumna); Paul, Guitar & Clarinet

Ted, Trumpet



Lee, Clarinet

Hoot, Baritone Sax


Evelyn, Piano

Anthony, Julia & Frank, Trombones

Nanette, Vocalist

Victoria, Guitar


Joe, Tenor Sax

Roger, Tenor Sax

Rudy, Alto & Tenor Sax

Danny, Drummer


Tia, Flute & Tenor Sax


Rebecca, Vocalist

Eddy, Vocalist

Angela, Hostess


Steve, Drummer

Derek, Vocalist

Al, Drummer

Michael, Trombone

Charlie & Julia, Trombones

Walt, Violin

Brian, Alto Sax & Clarinet

Maridia & Keith

Al, Tenor Sax & Clarinet

Al & Maridia

Ray, Baritone, Alto, & Tenor Sax

Charlie, Violin


Candid Shots from the Lucky Star dance floor:

Roger gazes heavenward
for his best Bb note

"Let's see ... if one of the trumpets can't make it,
should we do 3 mixer sets in a row?"

Dancers at the Lucky Star

sax section swings at the Lucky Star

Two fine dancers in a rare moment
when they are not in motion

Double Victorias at the Lucky Star

Taking the violins up a peg

Photo of Ross taken at the 1939 World's Fair

Glenn taking a solo

Master of Ceremonies and Conductor
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